Inside YAYA's Personal life

Myterious, dark night(夜:ya); splendid and brilliant night(夜:ya)! Expresses the twofold attraction of the night, presents her own circus! YAYA, who fascinating singer-songwriter without equal!

Yaya is a jack-of-all-trades artist who does all her work including: performance directing, video directing, artwork and design, arranging, composing, writing lyrics and producing single-handedly. She studied classical music since her childhood and came to be well-versed in numerous genres. As early as her high school days, she signed contracts with both Korean and Japanese music agencies and worked as a jazz vocalist. Building on these experiences, she now writes and performs high-quality music which is grounded in world music and psychedelic rock, and ranges from classical to avant-garde, jazz, electronic, trip hop and cabaret music.
Also not only internally with her intense charisma and characteristic performance, she captivates hundreds of thousands audience members of Taiwan Hohaiyan Rock Festival in the palm of her hand. She left a deep impression in Taiwan during her first-ever oversea performance. ~
She is an artist that combines a fascinating appearance to the outstanding musicality musicians called night goddess but also an illustrator, graphic designer and music video director working in various fields. And her 2nd solo album, “Cruel Picture” was singled out as a ‘not-to miss album of the year’ on naver music, album of the month; daum music, album of the week; cyworld, 20Albums of the year; star news, 30Albums of The 2013; 10asia by the judges as “Masterpiece of the year 2013! Done by one genius with her determination.” In Italy, US, Hong Kong and other international media states “She is the most interesting figure that has recently emerged from the Asian peninsula. She is comparable to any other artist in the western world.”


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